Octave Cat SRM

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19.09.2019 · Post-ARP David went onto join Octave Electronics who’d released the CAT Synthesizer in 1976. The updated Series Revision Model (SRM) was released in 1977 and that’s where this recording comes from. David sent an original copy he had to me in the post and I asked if I could digitise it and upload it for posterity. So here we go!



View and Download Octave Cat SRM service manual online. Cat SRM Synthesizer pdf manual download.

Service Manual

Octave The Cat | Vintage Synth Explorer


05.05.2017 · Octave released this analog classic - the Cat - during the era of the Minimoog and ARP Odyssey synthesizers. The Cat is actually very much like the ARP Odyssey, so much so that ARP had sued them in the late 1970's for cloning their designs.



As a kid, GForce’s Dave Spiers used to annoy the salesman in the local music store every saturday by asking to play the demo model of the Octave Cat, probably with the promise of …

Korg 800DV vs Octave Cat SRM - Vintage Synth …


19.05.2018 · I'm thinking about buying a fun vintage synth and its come down to the 800DV and Octave Cat SRM. I'm in to more weird but musical/useful sounds, and I think they both can deliver. I'm leaning more towards the 800dv at this stage but am curious as to what some other people think. Here's my thoughts on the pros of each synth for me: Korg 800dv:

Octave Cat vs. Cat A-rev. vs. SRM 1) - Gearslutz

gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-a ... tion/1084564-octave-cat-vs-cat-rev-vs-srm-1-a.html

23.04.2018 · Octave Cat vs. Cat A-rev. vs. SRM 1) It sounds like the oscillators should be the same, leaving only filter differences. People seem to generally love the SRM 1, but there's usually no comparison to the A-rev (which I had previously).

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gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-a ... on/492972-octave-cat-srm-quot-what-synth-quot.html

15.05.2010 · I have an Octave cat SRM and just wanted you guys to listen to some of the crazy sounds it is capable of. This mono synth is the most underrated synth, many times I feel that it is as powerful sounding as my Minimoog D and many of my other mono synths. What makes it great to me is The thick rich sounds it can make with the SSM 2040 filter.



01.07.2007 · The original CAT Synthesizer was released in 1975 when the company now called Voyetra Turtle Beach, INC was called Octave Electronics. The second version called the CAT SRM (for "Series Revised Model"), was released in 1977, followed by the SRM2

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Sold: Octave Cat SRM II. The Octave Cat has been sold. (So I guess if you want to keep using the old subject line – carry on :).) Thanks, Greg

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05.05.2017 · Octave released this analog classic - the Cat - during the era of the Minimoog and ARP Odyssey synthesizers. The Cat is actually very much like the ARP Odyssey, so much so that ARP had sued them in the late 1970's for cloning their designs.

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Octave Cat (non SRM) Download this text. Calibration Procedures. CALIBRATION PROCEDURE Some repairs performed on the Cat Synthesizer will necessitate recalibration of the unit. This is especially true if repairs have been performed on either the control voltage processors,



01.11.2009 · Octave Cat SRM II via this VEMIA auction "Great-sounding Odyssey-beater, duophonic (sort-of), and a pleasure to play. If it had standard performance controls it would be almost the ultimate solo-ing synth - the mix of knobs and sliders is really a lot more user-friendly than the ARP sliders.

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Octave released this analog classic - the Cat - during the era of the Minimoog and ARP Odyssey synthesizers. The Cat is actually very much like the ARP Odyssey, so much so that ARP had sued them in the late 1970's for cloning their designs. The Cat is a monophonic/duophonic analog synthesizer with...

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"Octave redesigned the [Cat's] duophonic keyboard sensing, and relaunched the product as the Cat SRM in late 77 or early 78, and eventually the SRM II." SRM stands for "Series Revision Model." [from The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers, by Peter Forrest, published by Susurreal Publishing, Devon, England, copyright 1994 Peter Forrest]

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Octave Cat SRM Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Octave Cat SRM Service Manual

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Octave Cat SRM Repair. This keyboard has a strange duophonic mode that is fun but slightly useless, it assigns one VCO to the lower pressed key and the other VCO to the upper pressed key but doesn’t touch anything else. So rather than 2 ‘Voices’ it is 2 pitches.

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Stream Octave Cat SRM by Jebeq from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Octave Cat SRM by Jebeq published on 2010-05-14T20:13:26Z. These are some of the sounds the Octave cat can make with it's modulation matrix. Pretty amazing for just a mono synth. Comment by …

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20.01.2019 · Octave Cat SRM -2040 filter - Collector quality via this auction "I bought this cat, from the original builder, David Frederick Sr. You can tell its never left his personal studio.... This Cat has been completely renovated electronically and cosmetically by David himself.

Octave Cat SRM 1 CV Controlled - YouTube


28.10.2015 · Independent control voltage for vco1 and filter cv. Playing the Cat sort of duophonic. Shot with my mobile while setting up my rig so audio is not that good.

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Octave Cat SRM Vintage Analog Synth Sample Library by Softrave (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Octave Cat SRM synth sample library contains sounds of unique analog vintage synth Octave Cat. This library represents 1.5 hours of recording 500 MB of mono 16-bit flow of noise effects weird bleeps basses and sequences. There are not any loops, special melodies sample banks in this library. You are ...

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25.09.2019 · ABOUT Cat erinnert stark an den ARP Odyssey, war aber gegenüber dem sogar deutlich erweitert. Das Ende von Octave war auch letzlich ein Patentproblem mit / gegenüber ARP. duophonic. das SRM / SRM II update brachte ihm einen ringmodulator, die duophonie und andere updates wie der statische HPF oder 2pol mode für den Hauptfilterteil etc. Made by Carmine Bonanno.



30.12.2013 · via the seller: "This is Octave the CAT SRM (Rev. SMM-1, Serial # B3965). This synth is tested and works fine. The cosmetically it is in good shape, except the left wood panel is missing a piece, as shown in the picture. This version most likely comes with the SSM2040 chip that was used in …

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To get some understanding how library sounds you`re welcome to watch this video

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1976 Octave Cat (pots are dated 26th week of 1976) ... Cat SRM Mk2 demo video. demo vid for Octave Cat SRM Mk 2 analog mono synth. Octave Cat SRM2 analogue synth. This is the Octave Cat SRM2. L.F.O. - BASS. Octave. Check on Amazon. Boss OC-3 Dual Super Octave Pedal. Check on Amazon. Octave Black ABS Filament for 3D Printers - 1.75mm 1kg Spool.

Analogue Heaven - Looking for Octave Cat (not …

analogue-heaven.1065350.n5.nabble.com/Looking-for- ... at-not-SRM-schematics-service-manual-td137705.html

Looking for Octave Cat (not SRM) schematics/service manual. Anybody out there have schematics or a service manual for an early (non-srm) Octave Cat? Have a couple of things I would like to work on...

Analogue Heaven - NOISY Octave CAT SRM2


NOISY Octave CAT SRM2. My beloved Octave CAT won't shut up. No matter how low I turn everything down, you can still hear everything on. Not as loud as when the VCA is open, but it's still very much...

Octave Cat SRM | Entry | Reaktor User Library


Version 2.0 of my recreation of the Octave Cat SRM synthesizer. 2 VCOs, mixable waveforms, VCF with self-resonating capability, auto-trigger, Sample & Hold, and more. The new version adds a MIDI/Control Voltage switch to control from either MIDI or internal Reaktor events such as a sequencer.

Octave Electronics CAT SRM reference sheet, …


Octave Electronics CAT SRM fact sheet from around 1978. This fact sheet isn't in the best condition, but I had to post it for a few reasons. First, this fact sheet contains A LOT of great reference information - …



View and Download Octave CAT instruction manual online. Electronic music synthesizer. CAT Synthesizer pdf manual download.

Breakwater's "Release the Beast" (A.K.A. Daft …


Stream Breakwater's "Release the Beast" (A.K.A. Daft Punk's "Robot Rock") on an Octave Cat SRM by POSITIF from desktop or your mobile device

Octave Cat SRM demonstration part 2 - YouTube


12.06.2007 · Hey guys, This is the second part of the demonstation where I quickly go over the things I missed in the first. As I covered quite a bit already this video is much shorter. Hope this clears ups ...

Analogue Heaven - FS: Octave Cat SRM II


Wow, nice photos and you were not, in the slightest, exaggerating. On 08.07.18 22:13 , Greg James wrote:

DOC ANALOG: Octave Cat SRM & Doepfer Dark …


Der Octave Cat SRM & Doepfer Dark Link ergeben zusammen ein unschlagbares Analog-Synthesizer Duo. Doch vorher muss der Doc Analog ran.

Modular experiments: Octave Cat SRM - Fixed …


The Octave Cat SRM documents you can find on the web are all the same, at least all the ones I have ever seen. They probably all came from one source, likely Kevin Lightner's Synthfool site. The problem though is that some of these documents (the schematics and the component layout) don't actually match the circuit boards in the SRM synthesizers that I have seen.

KVR: Octave Cat SRM Vintage Analog Synth …


Octave Cat SRM Vintage Analog Synth Sample Library by Softrave (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Octave Cat SRM synth sample library contains sounds of unique analog vintage synth Octave Cat. This library represents 1.5 hours of recording 500 MB of mono 16-bit flow of noise effects weird bleeps basses and sequences. There are not any loops, special melodies sample banks in this library. You are ...

Analogue Heaven - Octave Cat vs. Cat (A-rev vs. …


Octave Cat vs. Cat (A-rev vs. SRM-1). There's plenty of insinuation on the net, but has anyone here ever had both the first version and the SRM-1 side by side? It sounds like the oscillators should be...

Octave Cat Srm The-cat - musicsynthesizeriq.com


octave the-cat Is Similar To: 1853 Octave The Cat Synthesizer Srm Model Barely Used (19.7% similar) One silver button cover missing and a chip out of the side, see picture. I will do my best to answer them. All buttons are in working order please ask if u have any questions.

Octave CAT SRM Synth - YouTube


02.02.2014 · I am selling this Octave CAT on Ebay. It has a HPF/LPF modification which makes it one of a kind. In this demo it is being sequenced by MIDI coming from Logic, through a Kenton Pro Solo MIDI/CV ...

WTB: Octave Cat SRM II Schematics / Service …


02.12.2012 · On a side note, the main issue with the SRM II I have was the keyboard, but Chris Hewitt somehow figured it out, and it's working fine now. There is one remaining issue though: the Sub on Osc. 1 doesn't track past the middle octave.

Octave Electronics The Cat (not Felix) SRM


15.08.2018 · Catatude!From Vintage Synth Explorer:The Cat is a monophonic/duo-phonic analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators capable of square and sawtooth waveforms. VCO 1 also has a triangle waveform. Each of the waveforms can be played simultaneously and mixed together and there are additional sub-octave osc...

Octave Cat SRM demo - recording of Octave Cat


09.02.2012 · http://tikov.com/softrave/octave-cat-srm-vintage-analog-synth-sample-library/ OCTAVE CAT SRM sample library contains sounds of unique analog vintage synth Mo...

Octave Cat SRM | Entry | Reaktor User Library


DESCRIPTION Recreation of an Octave Cat SRM analog synthesizer. It has two oscillators (syncable), 4 pole low pass filter, noise, LFO, S&H, ADSR, AR and many modulation capabilities.

Octave Cat SRM sounds - YouTube


13.06.2007 · Hey guys, As promised here's the video demo with the Octave Cat sans my voice. Just one take of 10 minutes with me messing around. Hope you enjoy some of the stuff I coaxed out of the Cat.

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CAT original model, courtesy of synthfind.com. A monophonic analog synthesizer produced by Octave Electronics from about 1975 to 1982. This was Octave's first product and, at a price lower than the Odyssey, it sold well. This article from Gforce's Web site says that there were a number of semi-official factory customizations and options available, which was not the case for the Cat's competitors.

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